Safe Driving Saves Lives

You have your life together. You have a job, a house, and a family. But, you're not as safe as you need to be. You've had a few fender-benders, but nothing really serious. But, with a family that relies on everything you do, you need to be a safe driver, especially when they're in the car with you.

Instead of being an aggressive driver, drive slower. Drive under the speed limit if you have to. Your family is important and they want to get where they're going in a safe manner. And, you save gas. That's a bonus. Keep yourself a safe distance from other drivers. Expect someone else to make a driving mistake. Act defensively. Drive with lights on even during daylight hours for visibility. Not for you, but so other drivers can see your vehicle clearly.

Safe driving will save lives if you practice it every day you drive.
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