Domino's Will Deliver Pizza in Self-Driving Ford Fusion Hybrid This Week

What would you do if you ordered a pizza, and instead of a knock at your door, there was a honk? Instead of taking your pizza from the hands of a human, you had to walk to the curb and retrieve it from a car with no driver?

That's what Ford and Domino's are hoping to find out with a collaborative experiment starting this month. They want to gauge how people will react.

Valparaiso pizza-lovers will continue to get their deliveries normally. The test is limited to Ann Arbor, Michigan, where Ford conducts research on self-driving cars. According to Sherif Marakby, Ford Vice President, Autonomous Vehicles and Electrification, more and more people are having food delivered rather than going out to a restaurant or grocery store, and self-driving cars could play a big role in helping meet demands.

Along with ride-hailing services, food delivery could be a major part of the market for autonomous vehicles in the future.

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