Get to Know the Technology Feature in the Ford Focus

The 2018 Ford Focus is a supremely fun car, and part of that is due to all the integrated technology features. You can sync the Focus with your smartphone and talk to Siri or other virtual assistants as you drive. Both iPhone and Android systems are supported.

Technology is also a huge factor in the safety features present in the 2018 Ford Focus. A rearview camera for increased visibility is standard. Optional features include driver-assistance technologies. They help you stay in your lane, detect vehicles that are coming too close to yours, parallel park and more.

The design team also provided drivers and passengers with convenient USB ports. It's easy to charge smart devices like phones and tablets in the Focus. With the 2018 Ford Focus, you'll be driving or riding in comfort. When you next come to Valparaiso stop in at Currie Motors Ford of Valpo. This tech-savvy little car needs to be driven to be believed.

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