Maintaining Your Timing Belt

Your vehicle's timing belt plays a critical role in helping the engine to keep running smoothly. It makes sure that the crankshaft and camshaft in your car are turning at the same rate. There is no way for your car to keep running if your timing belt is no longer doing its job. You never want to wait until your timing belt completely breaks down to replace it because it could cause much more damage to your car's engine.

The way that timing belts are maintained is that they are changed out on a regular basis. There is likely a maintenance schedule in your car's manual to tell you how many miles you can go before changing the timing belt, which can be as early as the 60,000-mile mark.

Head on down to our service center here at Currie Motors Ford of Valpo in Valparaiso, IN to get quality service for replacing your timing belt at a fair price.

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