Brake Fluid Explained

Every car and truck owner hears about the fluids that need to be checked most often: motor oil, windshield cleaner, and coolant. Most owners are good about having them checked regularly, but what about the fluids that rarely need their attention? Brake fluid is one of those easily-overlooked items.

Brake fluid is important because it's not just a lubricant. Brake fluid provides the pneumatic power needed for your brakes to stop your car. A slow brake fluid leak can weaken and eventually disable your vehicle's brakes completely if it's not dealt with. A spongy brake pedal should prompt a maintenance inspection as soon as possible. The same holds true if you notice your brake fluid has dropped below its normal level.

Bring you vehicle in to Currie Motors Ford of Valpo. Our certified automotive technicians at our location in Valparaiso can check your brake fluid and catch any other brake-related problems that may need to be fixed.

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