What Is SYNC® Connect?

SYNC Connect is the technology in new Ford models that allows drivers to connect their smartphones with their vehicles. If you have an iPhone® or Android® device, you can connect you smartphone to your car to make calls or stream music on the go. Each Ford vehicle uses a 4G LTE modem and the AT&T network to make this connection work. SYNC® technology is also voice-activated, which means you can always keep your eyes on the road ahead.

What's the Difference Between SYNC® Connect and SYNC® 3?

SYNC® Connect is the technology that allows you to use your phone's features from your vehicle's infotainment system. However, some Ford vehicles also offer SYNC® 3 technology, which gives drivers extra entertainment features to choose from. SYNC® 3 allows you to choose from a plethora of music options either on your touchscreen system or by using voice commands, so you can remain focused on driving. The system gives you access to radio stations, streaming apps, playlist, audiobooks, podcasts and much more. Like SYNC® Connect, SYNC® 3 offers voice-activated technology, but this feature is upgraded even further to be more responsive to real-world voice commands. In addition to entertainment features, SYNC® 3 technology incorporates navigation options.

Does SYNC® 3 Let Me Use Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™?

Yes, a Ford equipped with SYNC® 3 technology is also equipped with both Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™. If you have an iPhone®, you can use Apple CarPlay™ to use Siri® right from your dash. Siri® can help you make phone calls, reply to text messages and play your favorite songs. Similarly, if you have an Android® device, you can use Android Auto™ to talk to Google™. This gives you easy access to Google Maps™, voice-guided navigation and other apps.

How Do I Pair My Phone with SYNC® 3?

SYNC® 3 technology allows you to make a call or receive a text message through your vehicle's infotainment system. Simply pair your Bluetooth®-enabled phone to the car, and you'll be able to access its features from your touchscreen. Just know that you can only use one paired phone at a time with your infotainment system.

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