Your Performance Vehicle Questions Answered!


Your Performance Vehicle Questions Answered!

Currie Motors Ford of Valpo is a proud retailer of all your favorite performance vehicles, from lifted trucks to custom cars. When you’re visiting us for new ROUSH models, a Tuscany truck for sale, or a Shelby GT Mustang that blends thrilling performance with singular style, we’ll be there to answer all your questions. And with enthusiasm, too, because at our Ford dealership in Valparaiso, we’re just as obsessed with custom performance cars and trucks as you are!

Frequently Asked Questions: ROUSH, Tuscany and Shelby Vehicles

What Is ROUSH Performance®?

ROUSH Performance® was founded by Jack Roush in 1995. Its goal was to create a lineup of performance-focused vehicles for street use. Originally built on Ford F-150 and Mustang platforms, the ROUSH® lineup of vehicles has now expanded to include the Bronco and Ranger as well.

Where Can I Buy ROUSH Vehicles?

Currie Motors Ford of Valpo is the only authorized ROUSH dealer in Northwest Indiana, and we’re proud to be the one-stop shop for all things ROUSH Performance® for customers nationwide.

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ROUSH Performance® Vehicles

What Is a Tuscany Truck?

Tuscany Motor Co. turns your favorite Ford pickups, such as the F-150 and Super Duty® models, into rugged lifted trucks. Various lifted Tuscany trucks include the Black Ops lineup and FTX models.

What Is a Lifted Truck?

A lifted truck is a customized pickup that offers larger wheels, a more standout design and greater capability to tackle uncharted terrain thanks to its enhanced ground clearance and other suspension upgrades. Tuscany lifted trucks allow you to enjoy open highways and off-road trails alike, without sacrificing any of your favorite Ford design and performance features.

Can I Customize a Ford Truck?

Yes, one of the key lifted truck benefits is customization. You can customize a Ford pickup to your exact specifications and install genuine Ford accessories perfect for your lifestyle and preferences. Plus, truck lift kits come with larger wheels, so you’ll have greater visibility from the driver’s seat and can more easily avoid any on-road obstacles that may come your way.

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What Is Shelby?

Founded by the legendary automotive designer and entrepreneur Carroll Shelby, Shelby American manufactures and markets performance vehicles and related products through authorized dealers and partners worldwide. Models like the F-150, Ranger and Mustang can all be modified into genuine Shelby vehicles, such as the Shelby GT500KR and Shelby F-150 Super Snake Sport.

What Is the Shelby F-150 Horsepower?

The Shelby F-150 Super Snake Sport delivers rugged capabilities and pulse-pounding performance, including a 770-horsepower supercharged engine.

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